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Jumaat, 7 Januari 2011

Rational Poem

I don't know what God had planned for me..

Where am I going to live.
With whom am I going to spend my lifetime
till the death come to pick me.

How many kids I will have.
to continue my families' generation
What am I going to be..
being a teacher forever,
or being someone out-reachable from my imagination.

Sometimes, negative thinking across my mind
Could be little, could be lots of negative thinking..
Am I going to being drop at Indigenous Village for posting?
Am I going to lose everything unexpectedly?
Am I going to be success or on the contrary at the future?
And some more else...
The questions always lingering at my head unconsciously.
But I had learned something from my most respectful person
She said, rationalize your thinking.
Change it into positive!
I have tried many times..
Be positive. Be positive. Be positive.

And it's worked!
Then the time comes, I am getting exhausted and tired for being rational.
Suddenly, I realize that there is one thing which I almost forgot.

I forgot that God, Allah is always watching me

Allah always know what is the thought in my mind

Know what my heart felt
Know which is the best for me
Love me when I come nearer.
Mad me when I break the the law and make a sin.
I almost forget that Allah had planned everything to us.

Therefore, I had decide..
That all I have to do is just follow the path
which I am not sure where the path might bring me

Spare lot of patience and a bundle of effort

Vanish all the 'give up' phrase

Cheer the people around me as they could cheer me back

Help peoples without any condition
as I believe that God will pay back the kindness.
Live my life..then the life will make me live.

What say you? Do we have the same perception of life? Answer it in your heart.
Different people have different view of life. It is at your own hand. Choose the road, walk along it carefully. Life is just like walking on the oiled salver. Once you careless, you might fall.
But never forget to stand up and get the road back.

* I am writing this with the accompanied of Siti Nurhaliza's song. Pergh, what a great voice that she had!

3 ulasan:

abangbulat berkata...

nice poem!!!

buat sendiri ka?

anisyud_01 berkata...

yeah..kita senyum je..
agk2 x larat, tidor jap..
bru smbung blik~

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

abangbulat: mekasih! a'ah..tulis je..
grammar pn x cek..halal je la eh..

anis : apa2 pun..senyum..tdo..senyum..
setiap sesi kt kabin kte wat cam2..

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