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Khamis, 26 Februari 2009

Terima Kasih!!!

Terima kasih....arrigatou gozaimasu...syukran jazilan...thank you...dan lain2 lagi la...

Kepada warga IPTI,
Terima kasih kerana memberi kepercayaan
kpd aku utk menerajui JPP ke 44 tahun 2009 ni..

Kepada rakan2...
Bantu aku,
Ingatkn aku tntg tanggungjawab,
dan Beritahu aku kalau ada masalah...
Aku akan cuba bwk ke tgh (bukan tgh laut)

P/s: Cuak gak sbb sblh kaki da ada kt neraka (bak kata Sahak)..

Selasa, 24 Februari 2009

Kling2...!!! (Bell Sound)

Hye readers!!
Just want to make an advertisment..
For those who want to buy the Malaysian Ice-Cream (pic above)..
You can get it from me or my other six agents...
Kak Zai, Kak Mizan, Aqilah, Yana, Zai, and Ain..
You can buy it with only 20 cent each.
What the respondents said:
Miss Z: Nyum2, it's delicious!!!
Mrs L : Wow, it very freshness.. I never eat this for a long time ago..
Mr K : Give me 5 ice cream!! I feel thirsty when I see the ice-cream.

Jumaat, 20 Februari 2009

...Bantu Org Selalu...

Hehe....dgr tajuk dah mcm lbh kurang slogan pengakap dgn pandu puteri lah pulak...

Tp sebenarnya bukan...

Ni adalah tema yg sy dpt grab dr satu kartun tanah liat kat astro ceria ade...kt ntv7 pn ada..

Tajuk : Postman Pat.

Pelakon: Posman pat, anak dia, isteri dia, kucing dia, org2 kampung dia..


Cte ni bagus 2k tontonan kanak2 sbb dia byk nilai2 murni. Antaranya:

1)Ringan tulang

2)Tolong org selalu

3)Cepat bertindak

4)Mcm2 lagi la..

*Kalo x caye bole la tgk kt tv sendiri...

Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

Belajar Bahasa Jawa - Siri 2

Assalamualaikum...bertemu lagi kita dalam ruangan ini...
Pelajaran pada minggu ini adalah mengenai nombor..

Bagaimana menyebut nombor @ angka dalam Bahasa Jawa???

Tajuk : Nombor

1 - Siji 11 - Sebelas
2 - Loro 12 - Dua las
3 - Telu 13 - Telu las
4 - Papat 14 - Pat las
5 - Limo 15 - Limo las
6 - Nem 16 - Nem las
7 - Pitu 17 - Pitu las
8 - Wolu 18 - Wolu las
9 - Songo 19 - Songo las
10- Sepuluh 20 - Rong puluh

21 - Rong puluh siji
22 - Rong puluh loro
... (hanya perlu tukar perkataan di hujung shj)
29 - Rong puluh songo

30 - Telong puluh
31 - Telong puluh siji
... (hanya perlu tukar perkataan di hujung shj)
39 - Telong puluh songo

40 - Patang puluh
50 - Limang puluh
60 - Nem puluh
70 - Pitong puluh
80 - Wolung puluh
90 - Sangang puluh
100- Saratus

Contoh :

120 - Seratus rong puluh
55 - Limang puluh limo
183 - Seratus wolung puluh telu

Aplikasi dalam perbualan :

M - Berapa umur awak?
JH - Umur sampian pinten?
JK - Umurmu pirong taun?

M - Umur saya 20 tahun.
JH - Umur kulo rong puluh taun.
JK - Umurku rong puluh taun.

M - Pukul berapa sekarang?
JH - Sakniki pukul pinten?
JK - Pukul piroh saieki?

M - Sekarang pukul tujuh.
JH - Sakniki pukul pitu.
JK - Sa'ieki pukul pitu.

~ Ihsan daripada Komunti Jawa Endau

Khamis, 12 Februari 2009

~~Flu !!~~

Hye readers..

Today was my second day of having flu disease.. I believe that this disease was spreaded by my nephew an niece during Thaipusam holiday on last week..

Therefore, as a medicine to cure of my flu disease, I had bought..
Scott's Emulsion!!!!

I know that some people will say "EURGHHH, SCOTT EMULSION!!!! I hate it!!! It taste bad! " Some of my friends avoid it and said it's just only for a kids. Some of my other friends were like it and addicted to it.

But belive me, this medicine is the best way to avoid us from getting sick easily..
It because, Scotts Emulsion help us to bulid body's natural resistance to infection. It also helps us to develop strong bones and teeth.

This medicine was consist of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calsium, and Code Fish Oil.
For an adolesence like me, I just has to take it 3 times per day..

For those who never try this before and who has a low antibody or immunisation sys...u can try it..and feel the different at your body. Keep healthy with Scott Emulsion...

Isnin, 9 Februari 2009

Kuih Buah Melaka @ Kuih Gogo (Bhs JAwa)

Petang td akak sy mengidam nak makan kuih buah melaka.. Lantas dgn penuh rasa kasihannya, saya pun pergi mencari buah kelapa, tepung pulut, dan gula timbang di segenap pelusuk Endau utk menunaikan permintaannya..
Berikut adalah sukatan utk membuat kuih ini.

Bahan-bahan :
1) 1 kg tepung pulut
2) 1/2 sudu garam
3) 2 penutup pewarna hijau (bole gnti daun pandan)
4) Gula timbang dikerat kecil2
5) Kelapa parut (di tambah dgn sedikit garam)

1) Gaul tepung pulut+garam+air+pewarna hijau sehingga sebati.
2) Doh dikecil2 kan dlm bentuk sfera.
3) Sementara itu panaskan air paip di dalam periuk sehingga mendidih.
4) Masukkan gula timbang ke dlm tepung.
5) Masukkan tepung ke dalam air yg telah mendidih tadi.
6) Angkat kuih guna penapis utk toskan air dia. Angkat bila kuih tadi sudah terapung di permukaan air.
7) Salut kuih tadi dgn kelapa parut.
8) Dah boleh makan...

p/s: makan pelan2 jgn smpai tercekik.

Ahad, 8 Februari 2009

Belajar Bahasa Jawa- Siri 1

Ruangan ini khusus utk para pljr yg bakal menduduki peperiksaan MUJT (Malaysian Universiti Jawa Test).

Menurut Hj Isnin Bin Baderun, Bahasa Jawa boleh dibahagikan kepada 2 jenis iaitu Jawa kasar dan jawa halus.

Jawa kasar adalah bahasa pertuturan yang biasa digunakan oleh msyrkt Jawa. Ia tidak terlalu pekat @ totok. Bahasa ini dipercayai dtg dr Sumatera @ hasil campuran perkahwinan antara org Melayu dan org Jawa lalu menghasilkan jawa kasar.

Jawa halus pula berasal daripada bahagian Ponorogo, Indonesia. Bahasa ini sangat pekat dan jarang digunakan oleh generasi masyarakat jawa kini. (terutama di Batu Pahat)

Masyarakat Jawa dari Pt. Haji Ali, B.Pahat.

M - Bahasa Melayu
JK- Jawa Kasar
JH- Jawa Halus


M -Saya

M -Awak

M -Awak apa khabar?
JK-Kue kabare opo? Kabare waras?
JH-Sampian kabarepon nopo?

M -Saya khabar baik.
JK-Aku kabare apik.
JH-Kulo, kabare lujeng.

M -Siapa nama awak?
JK-Kua jenenge sopo?
JH-Sampian namine sinten?

M -Nama saya Hidayah.
JK-Jenengku Hidayah.
JH-Kulo namine Hidayah.

M -Awak dari mana?
JK-Kue teko endi?
JH-Sampian sangkeng pundi?

M -Saya dari Endau.
JK-Aku teko Endau.
JH-Kulo sangkeng Endau.

M -Awak sudah makan?
JK-Kue wes mangan?
JH-Sampian empon neddi?

M -Saya sudah makan.
JK-Kue wes mangan / wes.
JH-Kulo empon neddi.

* Ruangan ini akan bersambung lagi. Untuk sebutan (pronounce) yang baik, sila dapatkan rakan-rakan Jawa anda untuk membantu... Selamat belajar!!!!

~ Ihsan daripada Komuniti Jawa Endau

[The Sequel] 25 undiscover things about me! [ i've been tagged!!!]

Huwaaaah... I feel fresh now... Which number that I stopped just now??? Ahha...lets continue to number 9...

9. Collecting latest of ICT gadgets is one of my favorite but sometime it i'll depend on my pocket money.. :-)
10. A list of my job during school holidays are driver, baby sitter, gardener, bodyguard, and not to forget a home security.
11. I like to listen all genres of music especially nasyid and cartoon theme.
12. Hate to be overprotected... (but I must face the truth that I am still overprotected by my family..haih..).
13. I really want a little bit matured face so that people wouldn't confuse me whether I am the primary student or the future teacher of them. Dear god, plz giv me a more matured face...
14. Can not wait to grow up, get a job to help my mother and father especially for their finance.
15. Always pray to god to give me a mr right as my future husband... (att to ckin: refering 2 her blog <1 question lingering in my head. Have she find her soulmate? hurm, i wonder.>..hope ur question had been answer now.
16. Feel proud when my friend give her sister name just like my name..I'm sure the little gurl will be as kind as me when she grow up.
17. Like to try a new recipe for the tea time at evening (kuih-muih recently).
18. Love to watch humorous japan movie..( boss my heroes..this movie had made my stomach felt sick coz of the overloaded laughing)
19. I think that Detective Conan anime was very good to generate my mind in thinking style.
20. Will do my best to learn how to teach especially in MAth with more effective.
21. I want to be a respectful teacher and being loved by my students.
22. I love my family...
23. I miss ckin, nor, and all my 6 bestari classmate so much.
24. My dream car is Honda Jazz and Suzuki Swift.
25. I'll stop writing this on 11.35 pm... So challenging while doing this 25 items.

25 undiscover things about me! [ i've been tagged!!!]

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

25 random things huh..but i want to do it in random and discrete..

1. As usual let me introduce my full name.I am Nurul Hidayah Binti Isnin.
2. People like to call me dayah (in elementary school), deq yah (in secondary school & teacher training inst.), or nurul (among my cousin, aunts, uncles,)..
3. Sometime they would call me Sonic Underground..maybe bcoz of my ability to walk fast.
4. I like kids.
5. I love all of my 14 nieces and nephews.
6. I wish I had a sister once, but its ok la.. being the youngest sometimes give me a lot of benefits..hehehe..
7. I miss all of my primary schoolmate (although i might forget their face).
8. I hope my PTS group-1998 (ckin,ummu,and I) will create our successfullness together by the different way. Never try to forget each other or i'll kick them if they try to..

Hurmm..tired thinking of 25 randoms items about me...I'll continue after sent my mom to shopping...

Jumaat, 6 Februari 2009

Minum Petang - Secangkir Teh Sepinggan Donut

Donut sy ni x la sehebat @ sama dgn Dunkin Donut ataupn J.Co..
Tp bole la wat saje2 untuk minum petang..
X susah pn..sekejap je dah siap..

1)Tepung-1 kg
2)Yis-2 paket
3)Susu tepung-2 sudu
4)Gula-4 sudu
5)Majerin-2/3 sudu
6)Garam secukupnya

1)Gaul tepung, gula, garam,majerin hngga jd sprt serbuk roti.
2)Buat lubang ditengah tepung..curah yis yg dibancuh air suam kuku cket2..
3)Tmbh air sehingga semuanya sebati.
4)Uli..bentukkn doh mnjd donut.
5)Jemur donut bwh chya matahari..(m'galakkn proses pembiakan yis->donut jd kembang dan besar)
7)Suka atila nk mkn dgn smbl tumis ke gula halus ke..g2 je ke..

Nasi Ayam

Ayam Untuk Digoreng:
1)Direbus (halia+garam cket)
2)Ayam ditos & digoreng.

1)Bawang putih 10 bj + bawang bsr 1/2 bj = mayang dan tumis.
2)Beras dan air dari rebusan tadi.
3)Masukkan serai.

Sup Ayam:
1)Kaki ayam + leher ayam.
2)Air, garam, ajinomoto cket.
3)Bwg putih + bwg merah = potong besar2.
4)Halia (gecek cket2).
5)Rempah ratus.

1)Tumbuk bwg putih + garam.
2)Sos cili, lada kisar, air panas
3)Sambal ditapis.

* gecek = ditumbuk tp x lumat (bhs jawa)

Nasi Minyak - S'pore Style

Nasi :
-Minyak jagung.
-Majerin @ minyak QBB.
-Rempah ratus (bunga lawang,biji pelaga,kayu manis).
-Tumis (bwg putih+bwg merah+halia=kisar halus).
-Beras yg dah basuh.
-Air secukpnya
-Sdkt susu cair 2k melembutkan.

Dalca :
-Rempah ratus (bunga lawang,biji pelaga,kayu manis).
-Tumis (bwg putih+bwg merah+halia=kisar halus).
-Daging,lobak,kacang pnjg,tomato,kacang dal(yg dah direbus),kentang,lada hidup, air.
-Kari daging (gaul ngn air)
-Gula & garam

Kurma Ayam Beriyani :
-Rempah ratus (bunga lawang,biji pelaga,kayu manis).
-Tumis (bwg putih+bwg merah+halia=kisar halus).
-Sos buah-2 sudu
-Serbuk kurmak 1/2 bungkus (bancuh air).
-Daun pudina @ daun sup.
-Tomato belah 2.
-Gula & garam.

Hurmm..nyum2..sedapnye nasik minyak!

Roti Canai

(untuk <> 25 keping)

1) Tepung gandum-1kg (disyorkan cap Sauh)
2) Gula-1 sudu
3) Garam-1 sudu
4) Air secukupnya
6) Dulang (tmpt mencanai)
7) Minyak

1) Gaul tepung+garam+gula.
2) Gaul dgn air secukupnya (x lmbik sgt, x keras sgt)..
Teknik menghempas doh baik utk mempercepatkan penyebatian air dan tepung.
3) Doh dikecil-kecilkan.
4) Direndam dgn minyak semalaman.
5) Canai cm bese..bole ltk telur @ sardin.

Kek Gula Hangus

1) Gula pasir - 2 cawan
2) Air 2 cawan
3) 2 cawan tepung
4) 5 biji telur
5) Pontas - 1/2 kecik
6) 1 cawan susu pekat
7) 1 cawan minyak masak

1) Masak gula pasir sehingga hangus kemudian masukkan air..(sentiasa dikacau).
2) 5 telur + minyak + susu pekat + gula hangus tadi = Masuk dlm blender sampai kembang.
3) Tepung + pontas = diayak bersama.
4) Gaulkn bahan 2+3 sehingga sebati.
5) Masukkn dlm loyang..loyang dibalut dgn kertas.
6) Kukus selama 1 jam 30 minit..

Sumber: Akak ipar.
Hasil : Berjaya dibuat, kek lembut.

Isnin, 2 Februari 2009

How To Acheive Self Excellent??

As a guidance for all of us..

Saidina Ali r.a had emphasize 3 things on how to get self-excellent in this world and the afterworld.
1) Be as the best u can beside Allah SWT.
2) Be as the bad human when facing urself.
3) Be a part of people when u in a group of them.

Now, let me explain....

1) Be as the best u can beside Allah SWT.
We as the khalifah and slave of Allah SWT must always attempt to be the most good person to Allah by practicing "amar makruf nahi munkar" with taqwa and strong belive in Islam.

2) Be as the bad human when facing urself.
This statement not told us to be bad person but we must feel that we are still not better from other person. By this feeling, we'll try to change our thinking style and work to being the best human.

3) Be a part of people when u in a group of them.
The quote explain to us that don't hurt anybody whether in physical or emotional aspects if we don't want to be hurt. Respect people to be respected.

* As a conclusion,let us together practice the 3 ways to be an excellent people..
(Ajja2 Fighting!!!)

Resource: Hijrah Minda-Siri Bingkisan An-Nur 4 (Majlis Agama Islam Negeri Johor)

Ahad, 1 Februari 2009

Hulurkan Tangan, Tingkatkan Amal

Pada 15 Januari 2008 yg lalu, saya dan rakan2 telah dijemput untuk menyertai gotong royong sempena lawatan krew program BERSAMAMU TV3 ke rumah penduduk yang bernasib malang, Pn Rohaya sekeluarga di hujung bandar Masai, Pasir Gudang Johor.

Sy sgt teruja dgn jemputan ini kerana inilah masanya untuk sy berbakti kepada org2 yg memerlukan bantuan dan menyelami masalah bakal2 pelajar saya yang berada di pedalaman tambahan pula rancangan ini bakal ditayangkan di TV3 (tp 2 bukan nawaitu sy yg sebenar tau..he3). :-)

Rombongan pelajar IPTI seramai 22 orang diiringi pensyarah Matematik, Dr Salwa berkumpul sebelum memulakan perjalanan dengan menaiki bas institut.

...Gotong royong amalan mulia...
Membersihkan kawasan halaman rumah dan kebun pn rohaya yang musnah akibat banjir pada musim tengkujuh yang lalu.

bar bersama anak2 puan rohaya yang bongsu dan sulung.
*Pn Rohaya mempunyai 7 orang anak dalam lingkungan 2o thn hingga 1 tahun.

Wajah sengal selepas siap b'gotong royong. Walaupun penat tp tetap gembira.

Mengambil gambar kenangan bersama dgn Puan Faizah(bos srykt beras Faiza), krew TV3, Pn Rohaya sekeluarga, dan sahabat2.

-> Harapan saya agar saya dipanggil lagi untuk menyertai aktiviti amal seperti ini di masa akan datang untuk meningkatkan ketaqwaan dan kesyukuran saya kepada Allah SWT..
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