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Jumaat, 29 Januari 2010

The best thing about Endau

The beauty of sunrise at Pantai Kampung Sisek, Endau

One peaceful morning at Pantai Kampung Sisek, Endau

The Main Target of War Game II

*Special thanks to the photographers..

Khamis, 28 Januari 2010

Ingin Jadi Mukmin yang disukai Allah?

Hadith : Mukmin yang kuat disukai Allah

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a katanya :

”Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda : Orang mukmin yang kuat adalah lebih baik dan lebih dicintai Allah daripada orang mukmin yang lemah. Namun keduanya itupun sama memperolehi kebaikan. Berlumbalah untuk memperolehi apa sahaja yang memberi kemanfaatan padamu dan mohonlah pertolongan kepada Allah dan jangan merasa lemah. Jikalau engkau terkena oleh sesuatu musibah, maka janganlah engkau berkata : ”Andaikata saya mengerjakan begini, tentu akan menjadi begini dan begitu”. Tetapi berkatalah; ”Ini adalah takdir Allah dan apa sahaja yang dikehendakinya oleh-Nya tentu DIA melaksanakannya”, sebab sesungguhnya ucapan ”andaikata/ kalau” itu MEMBUKA PINTU GODAAN SYAITAN


  1. Perlu tahu bahawa Allah menyukai / menyintai orang mukmin yang kuat (fizikal,mental, spiritual (jiwa) dan emosi).

- Mental : Ilmu Islam/ akademik

- Kuat spiritual : Ilmu Islam perlu diamalkan, akademik dimanfaatkan.

  1. Dalam kehidupan ada orang yang kuat/ lemah, tetapi kedua-duanya ada kelebihan/kebaikan :

- Orang yang kuat tidak berputus asa, tetapi sebaliknya perlulah berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk mendapatkan kekuatan/sesuatu yang memberikan kebaikan/pertolongan dengan Allah/jangan merasa lemah/terus maju berusaha,

jika sesuatu musibah menimpa, jangan berkata kalau-kalau..

tetapi katakanlah sesungguhnya itu, ketentuan Allah.

* Sumber : Modul Usrah IPG KTI

Entri kali ini tiada perkongsian pendapat baharu, sekadar tazkirah untuk mengingati diri dan para pembaca disamping membuang sawang2 yg mula banyak di blog ini..

Jumaat, 8 Januari 2010








Jumaat, 1 Januari 2010

Story at the First Day, First Month on 2010....

6.40 a.m :
I wake up from sleep...when heard my handset drop from the antique desk (over-vibrate-effect) and suddenly become energetic to get an ablution when heard my fathers' engine bike (he's back!)..

7.00 a.m :
Dad ambush my room to make sure I had wake up and did my Subuh prayer.

7.15 a.m :
Have a breakfast with my brother (the youngest son of family) and my mother. The menu : cempedak goreng + kopi susu. At the same time my dad shouted and said.. "hurry up, we're gonna be late".. My mom said.."rilex..don't bother with your dad..just enjoy the meal..

7.24 a.m :
I warm up my dad's engine car.

7.30 a.m :
Fetch my sister at Tanjung Gemok.

7.35 a.m :
Fetch Pak Awi at Belukar Juling.

8.05 am :
Arrive at Mersing Hospital.. Dad support our breakfast at the hospital's cafe..
Send dad and Pak Awi for the therapy session.

8.30 a.m :
Went to Land Office to pay land's taxes..
The woman at the counter : The computer is unset up yet. Could u come back at 10.00am?
Me : Well, sure.

8.35 a.m :
Go to the CIMB, BSN,PUBLIC bank with my sister.. After park the car.. Oh no! The bank it's not opened yet.. My sister, Rahmah said.. It's ok..we can take a walk around here. I agree but something is wrong that lingering in my head.. What it is?? I don't know...

9.25 a.m :
Fiuh, finally we had done all the payment stuff beside up-to-dating lots of account book.
When we back to the car... OMG...somebody put a summon's paper at the wiper (not must be the grey uniformed man that always fast on his move!)

9.30 a.m :
Quickly, I get to the Mersing District Office to pay the summon.

Me : Peace be upon you.. Miss, can I reduce the summon payment?
The Counter Lady : Sorry, we could only reduce it from Rm30 to Rm20.. That's it..
Me : Urmm...can I get only ten??
The Counter Lady : Unfortunately our boss wasn't here. So, he can't sign it to reduce the payment.
Me : (T_T)'s ok..I understand..thanks..

At the payment counter:
The man : Sorry..please keep your RM50 note back..I don't have its balance. You can pay it later.
Me : What!!! I have no time for this.. Furthermore, I'll be going back to study on next week.
The man : Thats not my problem. As I said, pay it when you get RM20 accurately.
Me : Fine!

(I wandering around Mersing like crazy..just to find 2 notes of RM10...Haiya...! Why it is happen at this time.)

Finally, I get the money and pay the summon. Alhamdulillah...

10.00 a.m :
Get back to the land's office.
I had seen something on the counter state that "The computer system is being set up right now, Please wait"
BUT I CAN'T WAIT anymore...It's just wasting my time!! Grr...
Besides, my dad and Pak Awi could be done their therapy session and were waiting for us.

Impatiently, I ask the woman at the counter :
Me : Miss, how long time could we take to wait until the system will be fine?
The woman at the counter : I don't know. Now, just sit and wait.
Me : It's seem that you'll took a long time.. Never mind I'll pay the taxes later. (politely off from the land's office with the bengkek heart feeling).

10.05 a.m :

Fetch my dad and pak awi.
Dad : Had u done all the job given to you ??
Me : Yes I had.. But sorry dad, there were some problem to pay the land tax though I came to pay for twice.
Dad : Never mind, it was not their expert to fix the system.

About the summon?? I'll never told him... Let it be the secret between you and me my blog's reader.. Promise that u'll not let him know otherwise I'll be scold till death...

A looooong half day's story..

*I wish it will never happen again.. and I need to learn more on emotional and stress management to keep me always act calmly and wisely.

That's was the story of 01 01 2010...

What's about the story on 2009?

Well, many things happen on 2009 that make me learn lots....
And I just hold the quote "let by gone, be by gone"
Start the new year with fresh.. (Is it fresh after the tragedy..? I guess i should reflect myself back..)

And of course, I admit that this was the best closing year which make me felt so...
(I don't know how to describe about the feel but it had make me smile till night for some good reason)...

Hopefully this new year of masihi and hijriah will make me be better person than the last year...

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