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Jumaat, 5 Mac 2010

My First 2010 Book

The book was a story about how a bicycle roles itself in human relationship. Sam is in love his best friend, Elizabeth but is content on keeping it into himself until a seemingly harmless restoration project takes on a life of its own. His grandmother's antique bicycle is the key to an unfinished love story, started more than 50 years ago and coming to fulfillment in Sam's love towards Elizabeth.

The bicycle would take Sam on a journey to answer the question. How long does your first love linger? Would Sam finally be able to confess how he feels towards Elizabeth, his first true love? And would Sam's grandmother, Mabel be able to let go of her first love even after holding on hi for more than 50 years?

I had bought this book on last January with spirit of the opening year at BADAN bookstore, Plaza Angsana. This book was not too thick as it has only 267 pages. But I think that this book is just suitable for me or anybody who just started to involve themselves with the world of English books. The Bicycle also had been wrote by using a simple English which increase a self-esteem for the beginner English book's fan like ME..

The main things which I would like to emphasize after read this book are:
  • Not all loves will be everlasting or will end up until the stage of marriage.
  • Not all friend relationship will stay on the right path.. Sometimes it will be change into love feeling or worse, it will become as an enemy relationship.
  • First love is the most unforgettable moment in everybody life.
Do you ever had experienced the first love story? Well, I hope it will be your sweetest memory ever..
My point is, if you out there were too afraid or have no intend or in other mean were too lazy to read English book.. Just like ME, once again.. Go and try yourself to buy any English book such as simple comics, cheap magazine, short novel etc to polish up your English language knowledge and communication skill. Then I'm sure your spirit to explore the beauty of language will increasing. It is important because this language is now had become a lingua franca or as an international language.

* Promise to buy the thicker English novel next time..

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hakimyunus berkata...

1st time wat google account ..haha testing2..pasni nak pinjam buku tu..hehhehe

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

da wat google acc? email ke? bgus2...tahniah..

serius nk pnjm?
boleh2..nti igtkn bwk ya..haha..

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