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Isnin, 1 Mac 2010

It's Been 1 Years!!

Hey girl, look at you..
You are one year old now..
Even though we 're not meet frequently but I still remember how small u are when you was born last year..
I hold you and laugh because u wear the mascara on your eyebrow.

As a responsible and kind auntie..
I wish u grown up with excellent
Fully being loved by your mom, dad, and you both grandpa and grandma..
Don't forget your mak usu right here although u have such a good pak usu right there.

Happy 1st Birthday Cute Girl!!
Don't easily get crying and don't scare to the stranger..
I believe that you'll be a strong and kind girl @ daughter one day..

  • The girl up there is my niece named Iman Hamizah Binti Abdul Razak
  • The cake had been sliced using the NAVY's sword lend by her uncle. The sword cost RM1000-RM1.. $-$
  • Dear my bro, I've made my promise.. Sorry for the late post..

2 ulasan:

hakimyunus berkata...

fuyoo...potong pakai pedang tu...memang gempak ar..~(^_^)~

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

mmg gempak..
t'kejut ms tgk..
kagum gak la..
tp agak geli nk mkn kek 2 ya..huhu..

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