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Isnin, 15 Mac 2010

They're coming..!!

On last Friday, when I've just came at home for mid-semester break..

My mom : Adik, did you know that you will get another new nephew @ niece in this year?
Me : Yes, I already know mother.. It will come soon on June right..
My mom : Of course, but that is your 16th nephew or niece.. But now you'll be an auntie for the 17th children too...
Me : What!! How come the number sixteen will be turn into seventeen... Was it a magic?
My mom : Actually, your sister in law is pregnant about 2 month.. And your sister were due on June..
Me : Wow, that's great!! Alhamdulillah...

The happiness is mine.... I thought there were no newborn after this... But then, I realized that I was wrong.. Production is very important to ensure the existence of human in this world..
And I am glad to have many nieces and nephews like now... Hope to see them grown up and become a good people to their parents, family, nation, religion, and country..
And I hope the June baby will be born on 9th (same as with someone).. And if it is happen, I would be the first one who'll be very happy on that time...

* I'm starting to count how many duit raya shall I give to them per each head..

3 ulasan:

Ila Aqilah berkata...

wah..dekyah, dah bleh buat 2 team netball gtu..haha..siap2la kira bajet..duit raya anak buah dah kena asing2 awal2..hehe..

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

boleh dah..wat team netball 7 sblh... satu lg team bola tmpr 7 sblh gak..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

salam dayah! wow! selama ni aku mmg tau ko ade anak sedara since kite darjah 6 kan? tpi...bile skarang, xsangka dah mencecah angka 17??? :D
aku doakan smoga kakak ipar kau selamat. and sampaikan salam kat mereka ek. hihi...meriah lagi la rumah Pak Haji Isnin. :D

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