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Rabu, 31 Mac 2010

The Season Just Begin

Hye there.. I would like to share my happiness at the closing day of this month, April. I've just bought one Malay Novel and one English novel written by all Malaysian writers. I bought it at BADAN, Angsana when I brought my beloved sister and brother shopping and visiting Johor Bahru at this afternoon.

First book is written by Ramli Awang Murshid with the title "9 Nyawa= 9 Lives" with the cost about 10 sen to RM20.00.
Second book is "Forsaken" written by Niki Hanisi which costs RM14.00.

I am not boycotting the novel from the overseas. It's just.. I am not born there.. And sometimes they rather use their own language (informal language) which can not be adapted and understand by me. Because, I am Malaysian. As a Malaysian, we also had our own unique features of English language.
Therefore, be proud of it.

I am trying to finish read both book although I'm still in the battle of practicum. Practicum. It isn't any matter about that as my lecturer had said "Life Must Go On". Oh, by the way. Actually, I had already bought English book from oversea's writer Jack Kerly with the title The Death Collectors. Unfortunately, until this time, I've just read half (fraction) of the book.

I might be continue to read it if and only if I don't have any material anymore to be read. Hurm.. I am also proud to myself because I had managed to buy Mathematics Worksheet's book for year 4 and year 5 as to show how spirited I am to be an inspire teacher.

InsyALLAH, I tried to finished all the book and will post the review of each book in this blog. So, until we meet again..bye2!!

* Still thinking the ABM for tomorrow class.

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malekabdillah berkata...

it should be 'sen'. not 'cent'. because 'sen' is currency. just like ringgit.

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

thanks 4 tell me. I'll fix the term..

milk and cookies berkata...

Oo. Now I know. Been wondering why too.. :D

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