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Khamis, 13 Mei 2010

Uh No!! Facing The Exam.. Are you ready??

If somebody asking me similarly with the question above, of course "No" is the best answer from me right now.

I don't know.. My syllabus for certain subject is still unfinished and until know, I don't even started the revision for this becoming exam.

What's happening to me?
I must do something before the times come...

Should I do like these?

Boiling the books and drink the water containing books.

Read all those kinds of books blindly without knowing what I am suppose to read.

Or should I just bring the TOYOL in the exam??


Readers, please do not follow all the tips. All the tips are not true and 100% fake and its will kill you.

Actually, in preparing yourself for the examination, you should :

Make a revision and study smartly not hardly. Plan your revision time. Having a discussion group also will help you in manging your revision time.

Do not ever forget to pray for your successfulness to the Al-Mighty.

And lastly, please have an enough sleep and rest on the day before the becoming exam.

SO GUYS (and myself too), GOOD LUCK FOR THE EXAM!!

*Cartoonist : Hidayah Isnin

8 ulasan:

zue yang baek berkata...

study leklok!!!
all da best ye dek yo:)

malekabdillah berkata...

lukisan kau memang style. guna apa eh?

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

zue, tima kasih!!! doakan ak sukses..

malek.. guna pensel, marker, scanner, picture uploader.. dont ever try to stole it ya..hehe..

zue yang baek berkata...

xpe...korg pandai..pasti boleh punye lah!!! dekan sokmo kan..teruskan usaha menjadi guru yg terbaek my lit fren:)

'Cikgu Padi' berkata...

dayah....all de best...anda pasti boleh.....jgn terlalu tensi, tenang dan lipat gandakan usaha...anda pasti akan berjaya.....walau pon maktab kompem lulus tapi wat yg terbaik...biar la grad tu puas skit...hehehehehee.....all de best budak kecik...

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

zue : amin40x..hrp2 makbul doa ko.. dekan x dekan..nnti ms konvo ntah2 dia pnggl nm ikut abjad je..

ckg padi : insyAllah sy akn cuba menjauhi tensi itu..exam adalah bnda yg pasti..jd lynkn aje exam ni..
terimas ats nasihat ckgu padi!

mira mir berkata...

go go my bos kak deqyah! ;)

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

thank u my ex-AJK mira!!

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