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Isnin, 31 Mei 2010

Practicum Phase 2 : The Mission

It is not a too big mission.. It's just a Mission To Improve Handwriting For Daily Lesson Plan!

Oh God, help me.. Why I felt that my handwriting is becoming worser day by day or was it just my negative feeling?

Many tips I had heard from all peoples around me, such as:

En Azizi : Hidayah, you should write slowly and roundly (bulat-bulat). Moreover you should avoid to write with continuing letter.

My friend, Hazwan : You must change the way you hold the pen. You must hold the pen straightly to make you uneasy felt tired. And I suggest you to practice copying and patterning any lovable handwriting to create your new handwriting style.

My friend, Aqilah : You should buy a three lines exercise book and don't forget, practice make perfect.

My roomate, Ain : U'll gonna be dead! The lecturer which will observing you in Physical Education is a rigid person and very detail in your daily lesson plan preparation and the most thing is, she don't like a bad handwriting. Gosh!

My sister : You have such a bad handwriting adik. No need to change because u're not be able to change it although you put so many effort on that. Oh, that is cruel.

My other several friends : You should be more relax while writing.
You should buy a suitable pen.
You should learn how to write with continuing letter.
You should write the alphabet straightly.
You should .....
You should .....
You should .....

Too many suggestions and ideas. I wish I could follow all the advise.. But, what if I don't??
I've must changed.. For my own sake. When? I can't tell it when.. but I've must!

4 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

aha! utk pj..ape kate ko type?
boleh tak?

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

hurm..hah! good idea..
tp rumate aku kp x bole..
kalau la bole..

Ila Aqilah berkata...

hmm..praktis je la dekyah..jgn ko stress sudah..isk..hehe..good luck!

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

mslhnya blum prkts pn ak da stress!
hurmm..ak pasrah je..tq!

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