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Rabu, 9 Disember 2009

Life With Paradox

Do you ever heard the term of paradox? Paradox can be defined as inconsistency, absurdity, irony, contradiction, contradiction in terms, impossibility, and illogicality. From the Mathematics’ view, we can say that something that impossibility and illogicality will happen in Math but it could be possible and logical. Quite though explanation huh!

Now, I want to ask, do u believe if I said that 5 is equal to 3 (5=3)??

Don’t believe it? I believe it..

I will show you....

Still don’t get it..? Ok, another example

Prove that 2 is equal to 1 (2=1)

Physically, this statement is wrong but if we could see inside of it deeply, the statement might be true. This is what Mathematician called it as PARADOX.

This is how we can relate it in our life. Life is full of paradox. Do not look something from the one window beside look through the other windows too then you will find that impossible is nothing in this world.

= See the unique of Mathematics by the term of PARADOX...

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