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Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

Count Fast

How to
get the answer of 15^2 without using calculator, pencil and paper, or even worst by count it using beads??

Or else, try to solve 25^2...35^2...and 75^2 too

15^2 ......225

Could you guess the pattern which had used?

Thats why Mathematicians said that Math is easy, simple, and fun..

Still can't grab the sequences and patterns?

Oh no!! Please don't pull your hair...

Ok, fine...I'll share it with you..

We're going to solve the 1st quest... 15^2..
As we all know 5^2 is, stick with that fact..
Then 1x2 = 2
Hence, the answer is 225

Lets try with 25^2
5^2 is 25
2x3 = 6
Hence, it is 625!!

In short, any number at the left side must been multiply with the bigger num after it...
and just put the number '25' along to present it as an answer..

Try yourself...

Point to note : This strategy only valid if the num is end up with '5'..


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