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Jumaat, 1 April 2011

Teacher, there is something on your head!

On one sweet of Friday morning...
One teacher of primary school is walking from 'sign in' the attendance at the office.
Suddenly one pupil meet her and said "teacher, there is something on your head".
Then the teacher check what is going on with her head.
Suddenly, she says "haha..April Fool!!".

Teacher : Do you know the history of April Fool dear?
Pupil : I do not know teacher.
Teacher : I give you a task, when you get back at home... I want you to goggled the history of April Fool. Can you?
Pupil : Why teacher?
Teacher : Because for your information, April Fool is a bad thing. It is not just to make a fun with others but there is about the story behind the April Fool. The bad story, the tragedy... Do not do it anymore. Promise to me.
Pupil : I am sorry teacher. (Repent face)
Teacher : It is ok. Make sure you find the history of it after this ya..

The truth is, I also do not know what is the story lies behind the April Fool day.
Then I try to search it from the internet. Here's the result.


Once, Spanyol Muslim not just Muslim however practice the way of life as Muslims. They do not just recite Al-Qur'an but also act manner based on Al-Qur'an. They always said not to music, for beer and also all case that banned in Islamic. If those reads about hijab in Al-Qur'an, they practice it unlike many of us nowadays.

Christianize try to cleanse Islam from Spain's authority, but they always failed. They had try for several times but always unsuccessful. Then, they send a spy to Spain to learn Islamic culture and discover the strength that owned by Islamic race is TAQWA. When Christianize race know strength of the Islamic people, they seeking for a strategy to destroy.

Sending alcohol and cigarette by gratis to muslim were the tactic which enough effective and weaken the confidence of the Islamic people especially to the youth. Resulted from this effort is the fall Spain from power of Muslims and the end of the Islamic reign of Spain for eight hundred years.

Last district which fell to Christian's power is Grenada (Ghornata) on April 1.

Behind the April Mop celebration (April Fool's Day), it is trusted that April Mop when the moment Islamic government fall in Spain. After so much old powerful in Granada, Spain, Islamic government finally collapses attacked by Christian Military. Muslim populations in Spain (Moors) forced to shelter in the house to bail out. They dissatisfied with the Islamic government and strive to end Muslims from Spain.

The Muslims residents, had been told that they had been allowed sailing out from Spain with their essential items by using ships that docked at harbor.

Muslims peoples worried and skeptical on that offer, they felt that the offer is a fraud, then they go to the harbor to see what there is ship that had been told by Christian military and after being seen many ships at the harbor, they start making preparation to sail.


On the next day (April 1), they take all product and stuff that was completed and straight away go to the harbor. At that moment, Christian military cash in on search and burn the Muslim populations house. The muslim also not manage to board ship because all had been gutted burned. Then they attacks Muslim people and killed all, man, woman, and little children. Bloody and sad incident was being celebrated by the Christian military. This celebration finally celebrated each year not only in Spain but also worldwide as April Fool's Day.

Plight, Muslims that ignorant also commemorate April Fool's Day without realize that they actually celebrate murder anniversary of their own Islamic relative.

Dear Muslims, be careful on this culture…. avoid ourselves from do tyrannous. Do remind our relatives among Muslim.
  1. Remember that April 1 is slaughter day Spain's Muslims.
  2. And the most important thing is Al-Quran & Hadist do not ever teach us that we can deceptive other people as the subject of jokes.
  3. For the teachers, it is your job to solve this problem. You, we, must stop the pupils especially the Muslims pupils from uphold the April Fool celebration. This is because I believe that "bamboo let from the bamboo shoot" which means "melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya".

Thank you for spending your precious time by reading this. =)

4 ulasan:

Mohd Zairy Firdaus Bin Mohd A'sri berkata...

huhuhu, ko kne ke?

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

kena jugak..tapi kena bagi balik tazkirah kat budak2 ni..dak melayu ke, cina ke, india ke..sume kena..

'Cikgu Padi' berkata...

hahahahahahahaa...mesti comel hang kena april fool....biase la budak2...mmg tak elok wat april fool ni tp mereka tak faham, anggap laia sebagai kemesraan dan selitkan didikan agar mereka mengerti...all the best sis...

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

comel bak lah. Adui. Cek kena, tp biasa2 ja. Cek pn tak kesah. 2 yg cek lyankn mike.. Cek x mrh pun. Cek suh mike crk sjrh april fool. Cek bg tazkirah siap.. Mmg b'kesan..huhu.. Tq bro padi! =)

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