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Sabtu, 9 April 2011


Congratulation for both of my sisters, Along and Akak for the pregnancy of the tenth and third children.

Hopefully with the newcomers of the family members on 2012 InsyAllah will make the family become happier, richer, easier, and being blessed by Allah.

Be strong, be happy, along this 9 months and 9 days and be tough through whatever challenging things or a big stone that happen or might happen to both of you.

Remember, when you need a pairs of ear to listen, a pairs of hand to help, and a pairs of lips to comfort you...I am here for that. But when you asked for a pairs of paper or ceiling money.."the number you have dialed, is not in service". Hahaaa...just kidding.. =P

That's best wishes for you.."Be happy, for the healthy baby". Bye2..

P/s : Waiting for any good news from my new sister-in-law.. ^_^

2 ulasan:

Ila Aqilah berkata...

haha..confirm akak ko tak call ko dekyah..haha..duit kot!

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata... je..tapi kalo pasal duit diorg takde hal la.. aku ni je yg slalu ada hal dgn duit..huhu

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