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Isnin, 22 Jun 2009

Wh0 Are They????

These are the most wanted faces that we were looking for helping our investigation.
For more information or if you see them at anywhere, please call Endau's police station at 07-7945522.
Reward will be given if you can find them.

NO, that is not like that!! 
For your information, those 14 little cute children are all my nieces and nephews..
They are (from left)..

First row :
  1. Siti Aishah Binti Mohd Faiseol (13)
  2. Abdurrahman Bin Mohd Faiseol (12)
  3. Khadijah Binti Mohd Faiseol (10)
  4. Ubaidurrahman Bin Mohd Faiseol (9)
Second row:
  1. Fathullah Lukman Bin Jeffrydin (8) - Always has a problem while writing his name bcoz it is too long)
  2. Fatimah Binti Mohd Faiseol (7)
  3. Abdullah Bin Mohd Faiseol (5)
  4. Mariam Binti Mohd Faiseol (4)
Third row:
  1. Ilham Bin Jeffrydin (3) - His parents give the short name bcoz they don't want banana fruit 2 times..hehhe..
  2. Nur Hanani Binti Mohd Yani (2)
  3. Muhammad Qasim Bin Mohd Faiseol (2)
  4. Fahim Hakimi Bin Mohamad Rashid (2) - All of this 3 kids were born on PiG year ( according Chinese Calendar..wakaka...)
Fourth row:
  1. Ibrahim Bin Mohd Faiseol (6 months)
  2. Iman Hamizah Binti Abdul Razak (5 months)
  3. No name.. (Will be appear on July 09..InsyAllah)
~Thats all till now..Ja Neh!!

2 ulasan:

'Cikgu Padi' berkata...

ala tomey nye aunty die gak..hehehe

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

hua3..agak geli mndgrnya..
aunty dia comel??

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