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Khamis, 16 September 2010

Meet My New Friend

* Sorry for the low resolution picture


Commercial name : Siamese fighting fish
Scientific name : Betta splendens (Betta fish)
Family : Belontiidae or Osphronemidae - Formerly Anabantidae
Type of tail : Veiltail
Gender : Male
Full name : A blue veiltail male betta fish
Nick name : Amat
Source : Buy from pupil at Tasik Pauh Primary school.
Cost : RM 2.00
Given by : My oldest sister (living in Kelantan Recently)
Origin : Thailand, Cambodia, and South Asia

*Owh, my new friend had make me started to learn about all types of fighting fish. And they all are cute, colourful, active, and easy to be care of. I try to keep my friend safely and as the first step, I could follow this ikan laga blog for my extra knowledge. I had promise to my sister to taking care of that fish and I hope it will stay with me for a several years as we know that the lifespan of fighting fish is about 2 until 3 years.

So, say hello to my new friend, Amat!! (couldn't think of another glamour name right now)

2 ulasan:

AbAnG KaPaS berkata...

poor hidayah...
her beloved fren oledy rest in peace~

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

isk..yeah,poor me..
what can i said.. just let by gone be by gone.

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