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Rabu, 8 September 2010

Havana Cookies

Hello there..

Today I would like to share my great experience about transforming one cookie into another cookie with the same ingredient but different accessories..

This is the story on how the mama carey was turn into the havana cookies.

I had done the mama carey on Tuesday morning.
On the night my oldest sister had try the cookie.
She said, "why dont you change the shape,
put into the cup and add some topping."
I said, that's was a great idea!
Then, on the next day (which is today)
the evolution of cookie had been created.
I am using 3 butter, 2 bar of cooking chocolate.
The experiment had just begin!
Here's the result.

The new cookies without topping.

New cookies with chocolate topping.

The Ingredient :

The cookie,
1) 3 bar of butter (buttercup brand)
2) Aising Sugar (2 and half cup)
3) Vanilla flavour (3 cap)
4) Baking powder (2 teaspoon)

The topping
1) 1/2 butter
2) 2 bar of cooking chocolate

How do we do :

1) Mix the butter and sugar.
2) Add vanilla flavour and baking powder.
3) Make the dough into the sphere shape.
4) Bake for a several minutes.
5) Make a double boiler for the cooking chocolate and butter.
6) Put the dough in the paper cup.
7) Pour some chocolate topping on the cookies.
8) Keep the cookie inside the refrigerator for a several minute.


* I had just know that the new cookie is called Havana cookie when I discovered the name from the internet.
Maybe I can invent one new cookie after this and give it by my own branding. Who knows..=)

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