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Selasa, 10 Mac 2009

Poem Written By Me

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow..
The day is still in the run of the mill..
Through the life in IPTI,
Dull, stiff, lot of preassure..
I wonder if I can change this situation.
But I am only a tiny part of there.
Nothing can do by me.

I never care,
As long I can still live in happy..
Make my friend happier than me.
When I can do my best,
then IPTI would be the best place for me..

* this poem was created with the unstable mood.. the writer still in the path of learning how to create a good poem.. Sorry for the not too good poem.. Promise to do better after this..

7 ulasan:

lidahaku berkata...

ko da wat ea nurul..

Arvind Glorykops berkata...

ur poem is ok deqyah but be aware for some grammar errors !
only a tiny part of it..
nothing can be done...
I don't care
As long I can live happily..

p/s ada bakat terpendam ni... hehe !!!

Arvind Glorykops berkata...

one more deqyah..
pressure.. nt preassure

then poem ni patut ada rima die...
i dont want to comment but this is called peer-check.. hehe !

saat sulaiman berkata...

saya ingin mendapatkan maklumat tentang keluarga anda.ini bagi mendapatkan info tentang anugerah ibu bapa mithali
saat sulaiman

saat sulaiman berkata...

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

dear arvind: thank u yuva!! im really bad in writing a flowerish poem.. grammar,spelling error..haish...terrible..could u plz create one beautiful poem for me...huhu..plz....

dear saat sulaiman: boleh utk apa ye maklumat 2 diambil?

Nurul Hidayah Isnin berkata...

dear saat sulaiman:ooo..ok..skrg sy dah faham 2k apa maklumat 2..tapi maklumat yg mcm mn awak nk yek?

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