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Khamis, 12 Ogos 2010

I want

~[Sayu..hati ini makin sayu..
Rindu..terkenangkan desa permai..
Wajah ayah bonda..bermain di mata..
Mengajak ku pulang ke desa..
Di bulan mulia..Ramadhan Al-mUbarak (lirik ni ak edit sendiri)]~

-Air Mata Syawal, Siti Nurhaliza-

When somebody asking me just now,
"Are you going back home tomorrow? well u know, it's weekend"
Splash!!! Suddenly the song came automatically out of my mind..

My mom, dad, brothers, and my sisters also start asking me when I want to back home.
I really and absolutely want to..
But there is but two things I should settle down first.

If all those things weren't done, I was just like I'm digging my own graveyard

I hope all of its will going to be ok by next Thursday
because I wanna go home with that JDB in a good and safe condition.

I want to celebrate this Ramadhan Al-Mubarak with my whole family.
Get the sahur with my father.
Fetch my mom to Tarawih prayer at Surau Mahadi.
Shopping the break fasting food or cake with my brother @ bazar.
Gossiping about the latest fashion and trend of baju raya with my sister.
Breaking the fast together with all family members
by listen to best 104 radio or siren from the fire station.
Oh, I really missed all the things!!

I wish this vehicle to get well soon.. as soon as possible..
as possible as after the final observe next week. Amin..

I want the final observe.
I want to fix my vehicle.
I want to go home.
I want everything to be good.
Dear god, please let this week and next week become shortly and smoothly for me.
because I can't wait any longer for it..

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