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Rabu, 14 Julai 2010

Hockey for kids

The instruction during Hockey GERKO with Pn Norhayati was still lingering in my head.
I had learn it at IPG KTI to become a good hockey teacher (not a coach ya).

And now, the time has come.
It's time for me to apply it back.
I had to teach hockey for class 4 Rajin.
How to hold the stick.
How to stand before passing the ball.
Ways to take the ball through the target.

Teaching, coaching, ansur maju.
Creating an interesting game during peak slot.
This is the thing that I had to teach them..
Skill of playing hockey.

And I wish they can be like Sarjit Singh or Tai Beng Hai.
Because I can see their talent everytime they hit the ball.

What a super high aim!
But, I'm sure that impossible is nothing.

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