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Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Tata Semester 3 !!!

Heheh.. this is my feeling and emotion right now..
Just like the laughing overdose baby..
Happy, eager, excited.. seems I can not wait for the Saturday..
Counting the day to end the examination (2/6 left)..
Counting the remainder life time in campus..
Counting how many day left to reach the end of semester 3..
Counting the money that I had to spent for buying the ticket to go back home..

Don't blame me for repeated the word "counting"..
As a future Math teacher, I must make counting as my permanent hobby..

I can not be patience to go back home (Bandaraya Endau)
I miss my mom, dad, sisters, brothers..
and all of my 14 nieces and nephews.. (wait 4 ur Mak Su 2 get back home ok!!)

And I hope that this semester holiday will promise me..
- peacefullness..
- no sibling war
- better travel and tourism
- optimum time spent with mom and dad
- a wonderful new knowledge and experiences

Tata Semester 3 !!!
Welcome Semester 4 !!!

1 ulasan:

анисхазира berkata...

i have 35 days to go before reaching home, iA. waaaaaa... nak blk cpt.

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